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About our company

The Whole Kaboodle is the Davenport family run business which commenced trading in February 2003. It was started by Kevin having identified the need for nurseries and schools to be able to buy all products (the whole kaboodle!) from one catalogue rather than trawling through numerous "door stopper" sized catalogues thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

If you telephone, the most likely (sensible) persons you'll speak to are Simon or Jo - son and daughter - or if you're really unlucky you'll get Kevin (Dad) or Lynne (Mum).

Kevin is responsible for the Kaboodle Katalogue and Kaboodle website plus all the boring behind the scenes stuff and is kept for most of the time in a small dark room at the back of the warehouse.

Lynne runs the accounts office (along with Jo) and you really don't want to speak her.

All efforts are made to keep Kevin and Lynne away from the phones otherwise who knows what will happen.

Simon generally looks after sales and coordinates between the sales office and the warehouse. If we're out of stock of any items you can personally ring him and tell him what you think.

Jo, along with taking your orders also looks after credit control. If you get behind with payments, although she doesn't bite, she has been known to give a nasty nip.

With 45 years combined experience in the nursery industry we have a good idea of what you want and need. However we don't assume we know it all and are always keen to listen to your ideas and suggestions. In fact we probably need you more than you need us!

So don't ever hesitate to get in touch with us as apart from listening to what you have to say, we'd be very lonely without you.